“Matthew constantly pays attention to the needs and development of the student and adjusts his teaching style and materials accordingly.  He takes the time to develop a good relationship with each child and shows interest and concern in their daily activities.  Matthew has clear expectations for what it takes to complete and perform a piece well.  Our oldest daughter as found real enjoyment in playing the piano, our other daughter has grasped the challenge of producing her lovely tone at the recital, and for our son it is an outlet for his energy and emotions.”

Emilie Hooft

“Matthew is an amazing piano teacher. My nine year-old son had been taking piano lessons for two years and knew the basics. When Matthew became his teacher, a whole new musical experience began. Jack has blossomed with Matthew. He has learned how to read music, play with both hands, listen carefully to how music is played, with all of the different nuances, and really enjoys the piano. He looks forward to lessons. Matthew has a way of interacting with Jack that keeps him interested and wanting to learn more. I highly recommend Matthew as a piano teacher. He has a gift with music and children that we are fortunate to have discovered.”

Crystal Thomas

“Matthew has a wonderful gift for creatively integrating music theory with the music my daughter plays. He is encouraging, patient, and enthusiastic in his approach. She leaves each lesson excited to learn more, and has made great strides in a short time. We highly recommend him!”

Cheryl Brunader

“Matthew has instructed my step children, ages 12 and 13, as well as my husband in both piano and guitar for over a year now. He is a brilliant and accomplished musician who also has the gift of being a talented teacher. He believes that we are all capable of appreciating and practicing the art of music. With a gentle but consistent and patient style, he has opened up the door to playing music for all three of my family members. Whether you are a casual learner or someone who wants to dedicate his or herself to music, Matthew is the perfect choice!”

Christine Kollmorgen

“The amount of pride and passion Mathew carries out in his work of music cannot be measured in words. He has an ability to relate with my son’s interests to help him learn individually, as well as paying attention not only to technical detail, but to the emotion and story that every piece of music should express. Knowing that my son has been given the opportunity to learn under him gives me a sense of pride for my son. I feel fortunate that my son has Mathew as his instructor. Thank you Mathew Pavilanis!”

Michelle Smith

“Our two boys had been taking piano lessons for several years before they began taking lessons from Matthew. Within a couple of months, their playing improved dramatically. More importantly, their enthusiasm for lessons and practice really took off. Matthew strikes a great balance between being firm and making lessons fun. His love of teaching is obvious, and his passion for the piano has been contagious to our boys. Matthew recognizes our sons’ unique temperaments and needs and is able to tailor his teaching to meet those needs. The thought and care that he puts into his teaching is wonderful to see. We feel so lucky to have found him!”

Ashley Wolfe

“As an adult beginner, I selected Matthew as my teacher based on his experience and interests. But I stayed with him because he carefully analyzed my learning style and musical interests, and worked to make my learning effective and interesting. I recommend Matt as an effective and engaged mentor, and an outstanding educator.”

Chuck Gottfried

“Matthew is inherently thoughtful as a person. When he teaches, this quality shines through . I have two children who have taken lessons for almost four years now. Matthew discusses with me what he observes and what areas my children could focus on for the week or month. He is always concerned that they find a love for the music, not just being present at lessons. I especially appreciate that he helps my children understand that playing a song is like sharing a story or conveying feelings. To communicate to ourselves or others through music is a beautiful thing. Thank you Matthew!”

Elise Hammond