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Read more about Matthew Pavilanis in the Eugene Weekly feature, "The (Piano) Keys to Quarantine

A silver lining to forced remote learning, according to Pavilanis, is the now limitless capacity of the classroom; with pre-recorded lessons and easily shareable assignments, the number of students able to be taught increases dramatically. Students can advance at their own pace, and Pavilanis can be available to help one on one when needed. 

“This is really unprecedented,” Pavilanis says. “So we’re going to have to work extra hard to actually provide a place of learning and continuity for the kids.”

Our Studio

I have over 15 years of teaching experience, in both piano and guitar.  I also teach music theory, composition, improvisation and music history. With each lesson, my primary goal is to spread the joy of music. The student should learn to love music and through this love creativity, technique, and a strong work ethic can be more easily obtained.  My approach varies from student to student due to the differences in their performing capabilities, age, and interest. For young children, I believe structure is a necessity.  Method books help maintain this structure, but I also like to supplement typical methodology with technique excerpts from exercises by Schmidt, Herz, or Hanon exercises.  I modify the exercise to accommodate the student’s level.

For all levels of students, I encourage and work on improvising and composing.  I believe this creativity helps supplement music theory and creates an aural understanding of the material.  For more advanced pupils that are working through the piano repertoire I would recommend shorter works from the different performance periods.  In this stage, I try to cultivate a greater musical understanding in music theory, history, mechanism, nuance, and emotion.  When the student is ready, they will gradually pursue larger works that excite and inspire them.

I welcome students of all ages and skill levels. In order to accommodate for this, I have availability in the morning, afternoon, and evenings.  I primarily teach piano lessons out of my home in Eugene, Oregon, but in recent years I have also started offering virtual lessons for families if that is what best suits your availability or preferences.

Sign up by calling me at 269-267-3664, emailing me at, or completing the contact form on this website.  I offer free trial lessons or meet and greets to help you make this important decision!

If you would like to read more about my teaching policies and practices for piano and guitar lessons, as well as my rates, please see my studio policy. Read below or go to my testimonials page to hear what my current students and their parents have to say about my teaching.

“Matthew is an amazing piano teacher. My nine year-old son had been taking piano lessons for two
years and knew the basics. When Matthew became his teacher, a whole new musical experience began.
Jack has blossomed with Matthew. He has learned how to read music, play with both hands, listen
carefully to how music is played, with all of the different nuances, and really enjoys the piano. He looks
forward to lessons. Matthew has a way of interacting with Jack that keeps him interested and wanting
to learn more. I highly recommend Matthew as a piano teacher. He has a gift with music and children
that we are fortunate to have discovered.”

Crystal Thomas