About My Teaching Team

Julianne Shepard, a native Oregonian, acquired her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in piano performance at the University of Oregon under the tutelage of Alexandre Dossin. She has taught private piano lessons for ten years, and accompanies various children’s theater productions and choirs in Eugene and the surrounding area. She has participated in several Liszt Festival performances, including playing live on the Seattle classical radio. She recently was invited as a guest performer in the Space City New Music festival in Houston, Texas. Julianne thoroughly enjoys sharing music with people of all ages and backgrounds, both as a performer and as a teacher.

Sasha Kow grew up observing her father play jazz piano from a young age. Inspired by his playing, she began piano at the age of four, and has been playing ever since. As she grew up going to public school in Malaysia, she never had the opportunity to take music seriously until the age of seventeen, where she decided music was something she wanted to do in university. As music making has always been an outlet for her, she chose to pursue composition and began composing in her sophomore year of college. Recently earning her Bachelor’s of Music in Music Composition from the University of Oregon under the instruction of Robert Kyr and David Crumb, she was also granted a chance to study piano with Claire Wachter. Sasha’s desire as a music educator is to make music accessible to all, not just to those who are privileged enough She desires to foster curiosity within individuals that would hopefully encourage them to seek expression through art, especially music. She believes in learning by ear as that gives individuals the freedom to explore creatively and hopefully to a discovery of one’s own voice.

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